Fatal Accident Claim

We understand that the loss of a loved one can devastate families and overwhelm those affected.

At times like these, making an accident claim for compensation can seem like the last thing on your mind, but often a fatal accident can result can create extreme financial hardship for dependents of the victim.

Because of this, a compensation accident claim can often relieve some of the additional stress placed on a family after a loss. A claim for fatal accident compensation is divided into two sections; a victim’s accident claim and dependents’ accident claim.

Victim’s Accident Claim

This part of the accident claim seeks to determine whether the victim suffered physically or emotionally before their death, and aims to compensate this relative to the amount of suffering.

For this reason, if the victim died instantly, no accident compensation will be awarded as it is unlikely that there will have been any suffering.

Dependents’ Accident Claim

This is usually an accident claim to cover the loss of financial support if the victim was the main breadwinner in the family. Any family member who was dependent on the victim financially may be eligible for an accident claim. Common examples include:

  • Husband or wife of the victim
  • Civil partner of the victim
  • Children or grandchildren of the victim
  • Other family members such as aunt and uncle, or nieces and nephews

The law provides protection for those cohabiting but unmarried, and if a couple has been living together as husband and wife for at least two years, that person is also eligible to make an accident claim.

It is highly recommended that if you are thinking of making an accident compensation claim as a result of a fatal accident that you enlist the help of a specialist solicitor.

They will take care of the complex and time-consuming side to making an accident claim at a time when you need help the most.

They will offer advice and guidance, as well as using their skill and level of expertise to ensure your accident claim is processed as quickly and easily as possible.

Types of Fatal Accident Claim

This can take place in any number of situations, but commonly fatal accidents can occur within the workplace, or as a result of car and other road traffic accidents. Other causes could be accidents occurring abroad and medical negligence.

Fortunately, the risk of being involved in a fatal accident within the UK is one of the lowest in Europe.

However, statistics from the Health & Safety Executive show that in the 2008/09 period, almost 600 workers and other members of the public were killed in occupational accidents, with many thousands more as a result of road traffic accidents.