Criminal Injury Claim

Criminal injury refers to any injury caused by an attack of criminal intent. The injury can be both physical and psychological, and a successful accident claim for compensation often results in substantial awards.

If you are a victim of a criminal injury within Great Britain, the relevant body that will deal with your accident claim will be the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

They are a government organisation that works within the Department of Justice, and offer financial compensation to the blameless victims of criminal injury.

The service they offer is free, and the amount of compensation awarded ranges from £1,000 to £500,000. Most injuries will be contained within a fixed bracket, and the amount you receive will fall within these limits.

You will usually have two years since the date of the incident to lodge a complaint with the CICA, however there are exceptions to this rule.

The CICA only covers cases that take place in England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland has its own version of this scheme, and there are similar institutions throughout Europe, and many international countries such as the USA and Canada.

Who Do I Tell About My Injury?

  • The police – In any case where an injury has been sustained through the criminal intent of another person, it is recommended that you inform the police, even if you do not wish to pursue a compensation accident claim. If you do make an accident claim, the CICA will check with the police to verify your injury was reported
  • The CICA – To make a claim for compensation, visit their website or phone them directly

What To Do Before Making an Accident Claim

Once you have informed the police of your injury, you may be required to assist in the prosecution of the offender.

If you do not cooperate with the police, your compensation amount may be reduced. To help support your case it could help to:

  • Take down contact details of any witnesses to your injury
  • Go to your local GP or hospital and let them assess the extent of your injury. This could be used as evidence in order to help your accident claim succeed
  • Keep all receipts for any medical expenses that came about as a result of your injury. It may be possible to claim the cost of these back if your accident claim is successful

The CICA Process

  • The CICA will assign your case a reference number, which will be used in order to quickly find your case if you need to contact them
  • If the CICA does not have all the necessary information regarding your case, they will return your form in order for you to complete it
  • The CICA will then contact the police to confirm your injury has been reported
  • The CICA will also contact the medical institution that initially assessed your injury to verify your accident claim
  • Usually within two weeks, the CICA will contact you to confirm the acceptance of your accident claim
  • If the trial of the person accused of causing your injury is taking place, the CICA will have to temporarily halt the process until an outcome is established
  • The last step is for a final decision to be made on your claim. This could take over a year in some cases, and if your claim is rejected reasons will be given why
  • If your case is successful you will have the option to either accept or contest the decision