Accidents and Claims in the UK

Being involved in an accident can have far reaching effects on your life. It can be hard to handle a loss of mobility which seriously inhibits the regular flow of your life and the loss of earnings that can result from not being able to work. That is why it is important if you have been involved in a accident to claim compensation.

An accident can be harder still if you know that the accident was not your fault but the result of the negligent or dangerous actions of someone else.

Everyone in the UK has the legal right to be compensated, and make an accident claim in the event of damage caused to them by the negligent behaviour of others.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims

The general trend for personal injury accident claims in the UK is for personal injury solicitors to charge for their services on a ‘conditional’ or ‘no win no fee’ basis.

What this means is that the claimant will not have to pay for the claim if it is not successful. If the compensation accident claim is successful however, the claimant will have to pay the solicitor’s fees as well as a ‘success fee’.

Some personal injury accident claims allow the costs to be recovered from the losing side. This means that the successful claimant will not lose any compensation while the loser will have to pay for a legal team they did not use as well as their own.

Personal Injury Accident Claim Solicitors

Every personal injury accident claim solicitor should offer you a conditional fee arrangement. The right accident claim solicitor will have experience of the claims process and will be able to guide you through it.

They will also understand that while every accident claim is unique with its own details and specifics, they tend to fall into distinct categories and call for distinct strategies to be successful.